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A nail biter finished in favor of the Indians in game 3.  The lone run scored by Michael Martinez came after replay officials upheld a safe call on a Willson Contreras snap throw pickoff attempt.  The live play appeared to be in favor of the runner.  However replay showed it seemed possible the tag was made prior to Martinez touching third base.  Bryant took the throw and laid down a tag that caught the runners jersey.  Two things that might have contributed to the safe call being upheld were inconclusive evidence to overturn and the other is if Kris Bryant’s foot was ruled in the way of Martinez hand.  The end result of this call was Martinez scored the only run of the game on a Coco Crisp single to right field.  Whether he should’ve been in position to score or not is a different story.  Prior to the pickoff attempt, Carl Edwards Jr. threw a curveball into the dirt that got away from catchers Willson Contreras.  This allowed Martinez to advance from second to third.

Regardless of the run scored, the Cubs had an opportunity to comeback late.  They fell short, and the Indians take a 2-1 series lead.  Forcing the scuba chances at a World Series back to Cleveland.  Cubs will have to win one at home to go back to Cleveland.  Of course now we would love our Cubs to take the remaining two at home.  Kluber is up next tonight for game 4.  The Cubs will look to get comfortable against him like they did Kershaw in game 6 of the NLCS.

70% of game 3 winners that take a 2-1 series lead win the series.  However those numbers were the same for the NLCS as well.  With that being said, they don’t want us to win.

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